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Vacation is almost over. One more full day and then a long scenic drive home to Philadelphia and our time in Vermont will be gone for another year. But it’s good to go home.

While we have been here, we have met new friends and we have seen places we will never forget. As a photographer I often wonder which is richer, the memory or the images that spark it? The view from behind the Whiting Community Church (above) was astounding. Behind us and beyond the church grounds, lay the Green Mountains in the distance. Before us is the Champlain Valley with the Adirondacks in the distance (below).

I make photographs as an artist and as a professional. It is how I make my living. For me though it is more than a job, or even a career; it is my passion. Getting the image that my client wants and needs; capturing the moment so that it will last a lifetime and beyond is what I love to do. It is what I need to do.


I always seek the best possible image. I am continuously watching the light, seeing how it plays with the subject, watching how a simple shadow can change the mood of the moment. The trick is to capture it at just the right time. Although it is my job, it hardly seems like work.


The same is true for some of the people we have met here. The owners of Taylor Farm ( for example, they love the farm and the animals. The owner was coming in from cutting firewood yesterday as we were shopping in the store on the farm. I mentioned to him that gathering a wagon load of wood is a heck of a chore. A simple, “We love it” was his reply. You can tell that they do. His wife was in the store and she was putting out fresh vegetables smiling and humming the whole time.  I made mention of the refrigerator case that was new since we were here last year and they were there with the story of how it didn’t fit through the doors. He was kind, polite and enjoyed sharing the delightful story of how they had to take out the door to get the case in.

Mr. Taylor was showing his passion. The passion he has for his farm. It showed too, in the wonderful fresh foods they sell here. Even the cows here are passionate about their work. They are happy and friendly and even the baby heifers in the front pen greeted us with smiles and licks.


Down the road is Stoddard’s Restaurant, a tiny little diner with 5 booths and a few seats at the counter. Linda Stoddard is working the grill and Lori is her friend waiting the tables. Lori remembered us from last year, even remember that I was a photographer. She said, “You’re the photographer. I remember you because you said how much you love your work.”  And I do, it is my passion.


If your job involves your passion, your desire and dreams, it’s not like work. It gives you a joy and satisfaction that can’t be described. Even here on vacation in Vermont I cannot put the camera down. My wife is thinking of writing an essay or short book on “How To Survive As A Photographer’s Wife.” If she ever actually puts pen to paper, I will make sure it is available here. I live to get the right shot whether it’s for a client or my own memories. I am told it shows in my work.


But it’s not work, it is my passion.

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  1. Endigo Montoya
    Endigo Montoya says:

    If your wife does indeed start her book. . . make sure to get lots and lots of pics of her writing! LMAO.

    We are indeed blessed with our careers, huh? Doing what you love and getting paid for it just really doesn’t happen to a lot of people. Your passion DOES show in your work and I ain’t just sayin’ that either! I don’t have the patience for taking shots like you do. I’m a graphic artist and designer. I buy the images I use usually. There are STILL people out there that don’t think photography is an art form. (They’re idiots though!) Keep the shutter clicking Michael, you’re work is stellar!

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