Gabe, Kate and the Old Mill

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a friend and fellow photographer Alix Passage ( to assist her at a wedding. Alix is a fantastic wedding photographer and she and I often assist each other on photo shoots of all kinds. This wedding though was to be a bit different and Alix knew that I wouldn’t want to give up the chance to shoot this one.

These was at an old mill in south central Pennsylvania and not only were the bride and groom going to be barefoot, but the entire wedding party went without shoes. The idea of shooting a semi-formal wedding with barefoot wedding party, in the country, in an old stone building that used to be a mill, heaven! This location was beautiful! Only the bride herself was more awe-inspiring.

The mill at night

When you combine a location like that with a beautiful couple there is nothing that can get in the way of a wonderful, memory packed day. The friends and family were amazing and the bride and groom looked hopelessly in love. I am not big on weddings usually but this one tugged at my crusty old heart strings. Rather than me ramble on I will let the images tell the story.

By the creek

A moment alone

Looking at a future together


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