Moonlight In Vermont

Every year for the past few years my wife and I have taken our vacations in Londonderry Vermont. My sister has a house that she rents out up here and we love to take advantage of the quiet. You can get off the grid if you choose to, you can stay connected too (barely) if that is what you want. I am here now and writing this post from the house. If you want to experience Vermont, or if you just love to ski or golf, this is the place. (You can see the house here: 641 Hells Peak)

I was asked by a client why we come to Vermont, “What is there to do there? After all it’s Vermont,” he said. For us that is the point, few people know about the mountains up here, the beautiful landscapes, the fact that every few miles there is another quaint little village, and just the names of these villages make us smile; Jamaica, Peru, Chester (special mean to those from Philly), to name only a few.

‘Highway’ or ‘State Road’ are terms that mean something completely different here. When you are driving on a major thoroughfare and you see a sign that says “Pavement Change” in Pennsylvania it means going from pavement to perhaps cement. In Vermont it would be more accurate to say “The pavement ends and it may be hard to determine where the road actually is.” For my wife and I this is fun stuff. It always leads to an adventure!

Being a photographer means that even when I am on vacation, I am not on vacation. My camera is always with me and I am always looking for ‘the shot.’ My wife has started her own series of Shooting the Shooter and uses my backup camera to photograph me photographing the world, or in this case, Vermont!  Take a look at the images below and you tell me, why not vacation in New England?

The Shooter got Shot! (Courtesy of Amy Holland)

The scene I was shooting when I got shot

Even though we had overcast skies and rain every day, eventually the clouds broke (today, our last day) just in time for me to get shots of the night sky.

I even caught a shooting star!

When the moon rose through the trees this evening I understood even more why Amy, my wife, never wants to leave the north country.

This is pure moonlight with just the warm glow of the dinning room lights on low. 10 second exposure at F2.8, ISO 3200, no Photoshop at all.

So you tell me, why would we ever want to leave the “Moonlight in Vermont?”

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