Questions? What About Answers?

Answers. Hmm… Seems like many people have nothing but questions anymore. What about answers? You would think that with the internet and sites like, and of course Google, answers would be easier to find. If answers were so easy to find why are there sites like


I certainly don’t have all the answers. If I did I surely wouldn’t be sitting here writing this! But I do know a thing or two especially about photography. I can tell you how to take a picture, what f-stop to use, what lens might be best for a certain situation and what lighting to use. But if you could make the image that you need you wouldn’t be reading this would you? Or maybe you can but you just don’t have time. Time, it is a four letter word. But I digress.

Board Room at Day & ZimmermannYou have questions, more importantly, you need answers. Perhaps it is because of time; recently we all have to do more. Perhaps you are doing the job of 3 people or more, you just don’t have time to get the answers. Well, I am here to help.

I take time to work with people. I spend the time and the effort to learn what your project is and what it can be. I will work for you and with whomever you need me to so that you can get the images you need with as little energy as possible. You have other things to do.

You have so much on your plate that you don’t have time to learn look at the minute details of each project. That is what you hire people for. I can work with them to bring you the imagery, the vision of the extra special details that make your business better, the reasons your company is special.

Having many years experience in both the corporate and photography worlds I know what it’s like to have too many irons in the fire and trying to get it all done in the shortest time possible. Sometimes you have to do this not knowing exactly what is needed and you have to trust your people, your contractors, and your vendors to know what it is that you need. I have spent years learning how to gather the information needed to translate ideas into images. I know what it is to capture the meaning of an event, the mood of a location and the details that make an image special. Special enough to carry a message. Your message.

I take the time to work with my clients and to build relationships with their staff to help them understand what they want and need from their imagery, the imagery that is going to drive home your message and make your clients say, “Wow!”

When was the last time you sat down with someone that listened just because they wanted to help? Help is what I do. I help my clients get the results they want, help them go beyond the need and on to the place where that something extra special grows. It’s all in the details. Let me capture them for you. Then maybe you can deal with that four letter word, Time.

Until next time…

Happy Shooting!