If you ask anyone what excellence is to them you are going to find a different answer from everyone.  Thursday evening however, I went to an awards dinner put on by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and they were able to narrow it down to only 10.


At the 28th Annual Excellence Awards the chamber honors small businesses for their achievements and contributions to the Philadelphia region. The fact that there is an awards dinner is not news. In a way it’s not even what the businesses did that make what they have done a matter of Excellence. It’s the attitude of each and every recipient. Every single person accepting an award took the time to thank their employees and the other companies that helped them get the award.
I am noticing more and more while times are difficult that people care more and more for others. You hear about networking, developing relationships and getting to know the other businesses in your area. The winners last night not only are doing that, they have been doing that for years.


As the official portrait photographer I was able to meet each recipient and I have to say they were all down to earth, hardworking people that care for more than just their own businesses. They care for their staff, their neighborhoods, and all that is the Philadelphia region. It makes me proud to be a member of a great group of people.


I could go on but instead I am just going to thank all the winners for their hard work; I appreciate having them setting an example for others like myself. Congratulations to all the winners!


Marcos R. Lopez, President & CEO
eXude Benefits Group

Anthony Bucci, Co-Founder

Taylor Fernley, President & CEO
Fernley & Fernley, Inc.

John Vigna, CEO & President
C.W. Thomas

Tony Kindness, COO & Co-Owner
AYC Media

Ken Mullner, Executive Director
National Adoption Center

John Myerow, President

Mary Seton-Corboy, Founder
Greensgrow Farms

Harold Hambrose, CEO
Electronic Ink

Emily Bittenbender, Managing Partner
Bittenbender Construction

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  1. Shilpa
    Shilpa says:

    Hi, I am glad to know that people at Philadelphia are so talented, hardworking and down-to-earth. Heartiest salutations and congratulations to the winners and to Mr. Michael for sharing with us. Each day we learn, today I learnt that however high we reach, our feet should be well rooted to the ground…let not pride step in ever…

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