All This Networking. Now What?


How about family networking?  It is the season. In fact here in the US it’s almost Thanksgiving and although many people think it is a time to eat and watch American football that is not what it is all about. In fact it’s not even really about the food either.


A few hundred years ago people new to the continent gave thanks to a bountiful harvest after a drought earlier in the year. They were grateful that they had managed, mostly due to the assistance of the native people, that they would have food throughout the coming winter months. This is said to be the first Thanksgiving; the year was 1621.


Over time we have learned how to grow and harvest food that can sustain millions through the winter months. Although we are still grateful for a bountiful harvest; that is not the true reason we should be grateful. At least, it shouldn’t be the only reason.

I have what has been described as an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ by some. The reason is that I have so much to be grateful about and this is the time of year to celebrate all of it. I have family that love and trust me, I have a wife that not only loves and cares for me but believes in me too. She believes in what I do and how I do it. That is something else I can be thankful for, my job. I get to do what I love every day. Yes I would love to have a camera up to my eye each and every day but owning your own business is not about just doing the special part you like, it’s about liking all the parts that let you do it.


I like to meet people; I like to talk to people to get new ideas and insights. I like networking and helping others make the connections they need to make. I like to create images that move you, and I like rambling on about all that I do here on my blog. I love all that I do!

I have so much to be thankful for that I keep that attitude of gratitude every day. Yes this is the time of year to celebrate it but every day is the time to appreciate it.  None of it would have come about if I didn’t have a wife that supports my goals or friends and family that believe in me.


So when you sit down to the dinner table this week and you see the feast before you, look up from the food and see the things that make you thankful. If it’s family or just the cat; whether you have a feast of turkey and ham and vegetables, or you are eating ramen noodles, there is something you are grateful for. Honor it, honor yourself for it.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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