Made You Look


If you are a client of mine you are probably hiring me to get the attention of your clients. That is what imagery does; it captures the attention of viewers faster and hopefully, more powerfully, than the written word.


With the addition of the internet as a strong marketing tool all, marketing has changed. Your clients paging through a magazine, online or in print, make choices in nanoseconds. Images, text, and all marketing, needs to capture their attention in a maximum of 7 seconds. Online advertising is getting bolder with pop-ups and flashing ads that tend to annoy more than they attract. All this does is make potential clients more and more jaded, in turn making it harder and harder to get your message to them.
So what can you do?  Do you take the risk of putting up an ad that may annoy your client?  Do you reserve web browser real estate for an advertising toolbar? For print, do you resort to loud colors and bold text to get a subtle message across to the client?  What does actually work?


In my case creativity, originality and old fashioned style works.

See?  You looked at the entire ad, not just the model’s face. You probably looked at her, then glanced at the text, then back to her and after deciding if you liked her image, then you looked at my logo. After you did all of that you started reading this paragraph; you did all of that in about 6 or 7 seconds.


So how do you capture your client’s attention?  Give me a call or click here and let’s figure it out together.

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