What Are Your Services Worth?

What is a photoshoot worth? Well it can be worth a lot to me but then again I am a photographer. So how can I work with a client and show value both to my client and to myself? To answer that I can also ask another question, what is my client’s product or service worth to them or their business?


The reason I am even posing these questions is because I am in the midst of working out a deal with a potential client that has value for both of us. My client needs images to promote their business (a sort of chamber of commerce) and I need more local business. So what does that mean to both of us? Well it means we both have something of value that is as good as money.


I have the desire to do more business locally for a plethora of reasons, the least of which is the cost of gas these days.  Traveling hundreds of miles is getting rather expensive and that means that my client has to pay more for my services. By staying local I can support my neighborhood and hopefully have more of my local investments come back to me as more clients! So how can I get in touch with these potential clients?  I just moved here 15 months ago and in this area, that is very new.

My client on the other hand has been in the area for years and knows almost all of the local business owners, my potential clients. In addition to that they have a need for images that will show those same businesses in a very positive light. This project is, for me, an opportunity to not only meet all these potential clients of mine but to actually get to know them, show them what I am capable of and do all of this in a very personal way. I still, however, have bills and expenses plus I know that if I give away my services then my services have no value for any of these potential clients.


My potential client also sees value in local business like my own, in this case membership. This gives me a chance to barter down my prices to something that my client can afford, give them the great service and images I am known for and show that same value to other potential clients. If I add to that advertising and a membership, well that gives me added value!


The proposal I sent out this evening to this client takes all of this into consideration: the value of my client’s services, the value of my own services, and the value of my time networking and proving myself to my potential client base. By placing a value on all of these things I am able to give my client a heck of a deal. I get real exposure to actual potential clients, and they get a quality of service and product they couldn’t normally afford. That is what I call a win/win!


How can I help you win today?

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  1. Michael Wade
    Michael Wade says:

    I tell new business owners all the time that if you don’t think your business is worth much your clients can’t be expected to either. Getting paid what you are worth starts the day you open your business by building yourself as a brand and not just another person taking pictures. If you do things right and make your name known in your area you don’t have to sell much of anything no matter how many others come. Your value isn’t just in your service or product, it’s part of you and people will know this ….. if you are a brand.

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