The Devil is In The Details


How many times have you heard that phrase before?  Usually it’s right after you forgot the smallest detail that turned out to be a major issue.  How do you catch everything and make sure that that little red, horned little guy stays home? The best start is to hire a professional.



When it comes to photography there are a lot of little things that can, and will, happen.  The best way to handle these issues is for you to have a professional there that knows how to deal with the problems and knows how to avoid as many of them as possible. Only experience is going to teach someone how to get through it all. Professionals come prepared.


Pro Photographers have more and better equipment. I know that I never go on a shoot without at least two cameras, multiple light sources, assorted light modifiers, stands and everything else I can think of. I know I need to be prepared. I can’t count on the sun to be where I want it when I want it. If fact, I can usually count on it not being where I want it! That means I have to be prepared to light my subject whether it is a portrait shoot or an architectural shoot. I need to have the right lights, the right modifiers and more importantly, the knowledge of how to use it all and still make it look natural yet dramatic.


As a professional photographer I have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars learning how to deal with as many situations as I can. I have learned from other professionals and from experiences. I have taken the time to learn from each detail, each issue and every shoot. I talk to my colleagues and try to learn from their experiences too. My goal is to be able to be able to handle anything that comes down the pike. Still, I get caught off guard too from time to time. But there is a difference; I know how to improvise and how to still get great results out of almost any situation.


By using a professional like me you will guarantee a successful project. A professional is going to sit with you and discuss the details. The details where that little devil hides. The more light shed on those little things the harder it is for him to hide. Every once and a while I will get caught by the devil but because I have met him before I know the tools and more importantly the paths, around him.


A few years ago there was a frizzy haired painter that had a daytime TV show that taught painting. It was called “Painting with Bob Ross.” Every day he would create beautiful paintings in less than 30 minutes.  On almost every show he would inadvertently do something that was not as planned. He would then take those opportunities and turn them into “Happy Accidents” as he called them. He was using and showing his experience. He would sign off every show with the line,” Until next time, Happy Painting!”  Experience is something worth paying for. With experience the worst you can have is a happy accident.


Until next time, Happy Shooting!

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  1. Endigo Montoya
    Endigo Montoya says:

    I loved Bob Ross! I learned a lot from him about art and creativity. Nice article, and you are so correct in stating “the devil’s in the details.”

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