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Often when you decide to have your portrait done you want it to look special and you want it to stand out. So how do you achieve that special look?  Themes.


You can always choose to do the usual themes that are everywhere: a standard family or personal portrait, the ever popular pinup themes. Some choose to go with a western theme or even the Mafia type images complete with Fedora, cigar and Tommy Gun. There are also many photographers that specialize in things like western themes, barn not included.


This past weekend I had a chance to work with a young lady who by nature really enjoyed a retro look. When we met in December she was wearing something that looked straight out of 1938 Paris. Her natural look just screams mid-century fashion. When we setup the photoshoot we decided that a 1920s, 30s or 40s look is just what she wanted, and it was just a matter of her finding the clothes she wanted to wear for the shoot.


Grace wanted to find the most authentic dresses she could and on the hunt she went. She was able to find a number of different places to shop but nothing seemed quite what she wanted. When she did find the style she had problems finding what she wanted in her size. With a little diligence she found a couple of dresses that were perfect in style but we had to pin one so that it fit properly.


As the photographer I needed to make sure that the lighting matched the look she wanted otherwise the project just wouldn’t work. In the end we worked out all our details, wardrobe, lighting, hair and makeup and the results were fabulous!



In the end the black and white dress looked so good on her in these images she decided to have the dress altered to fit properly. Through a little conversation and some very thrifty shopping Grace now has images that will be a wonderful memory for a lifetime.


What fantasy can I help you fulfill today?  Contact me and let’s play with the possibilities!


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