Free Business Portraits For the Unemployed

I have just booked a location to do free business portraits for those that are unemployed, between positions or just plain out of work. I want to give back to the community and the best way I can think to do that is to help others somehow. These are difficult times and what can be more difficult than going to work one day and coming home unemployed? Well there are many worse things, illness, disease… but this isn’t about what I can’t fix. This is about helping fix what I can.

I was at home last week wondering what I can do to help others. I can’t do this, I don’t know how to do that, but you know what? I can take a pretty damn good picture. How can a photo help somebody? Recently many experts have been advising people to include a picture of themselves on their resume or to make their social media image ‘business like’ if they are looking for a new position. Now that is something can help with! Finally I found a way that I know I can help people.

On Wednesday August 26th in Philadelphia, I will be doing as many business portraits as I can squeeze into 6 hours. I have done bulk portraits at events before. You know that photographer standing by the coat room at your companies holiday party? Yeah, that’s me. I have been able to take over 250 shots in just over 3 hours at an event like that. I am hoping that I can beat that record and help some people in need. hell, if only one person shows up and it helps them get the job they need, I will call it a win. If two show up then its a win-win! If three show up, it will be a win-win-win, and if four… You get the idea.

If you want to be included all you have to do is be out of work and be willing to show up in some type of business appropriate attire.

To learn more send your questions or request for a time to bizshots@ (email no longer active) and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. I have no clue as to how popular this shoot will be so please be patient.

Until then or until my next post, Happy Shooting!

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  1. SKS Desgins
    SKS Desgins says:

    This is a great idea and I love how you are giving back to the community. There are too many people out of work and with professional photos, they can use them on social networking sites to better represent themselves to potential employers.

    I will be forwarding this along through Twitter to help get the word out! Best of luck!

  2. Gary
    Gary says:

    Saw this announced on Linkedin. What a great thing you’re doing – nice to have something give photographers a *good* name… But seriously, thank you for this on-point effort!

    Round Rock, Texas

  3. Pamela @ Looking Glass Studios
    Pamela @ Looking Glass Studios says:


    I think what you’re doing is simply fantastic. I too, have been toying with ideas on how I can use my photography to help folks affected by this tough economy. There are so many different ways that job seekers can use these photographs — especially with the heightened exposure they can recieve if they use them on social media sites such as LinkedIn, etc. If you don’t mind company in your good-natured effort, I just may run a session like yours up here is Westchester, NY.

    Keep us posted on how it turns out!

  4. MagickMichael
    MagickMichael says:

    Feel free to use the idea! Perhaps we can make it a nationwide effort. Wouldn’t that be cool? If you do decide to put this together let me know and I will share my experiences with you.

    Seriously, if more than one person wants to do this on the 26th and can put it together in their area quickly enough, lets build it together! Contact me off list and we can work out the details.

  5. sheila zubrod
    sheila zubrod says:

    You’re doing something wildly, deeply wonderful, It’s almost as if we’re living in a culture again, and not an economy. Bravo from all of us feeling a bit downsized. –at the moment ( And , please come to Manhattan!)

  6. Flash Alexander
    Flash Alexander says:

    Great to see you doing this. I’ve attended numerous meetups and have been amazed at how horrible peoples photos/websites/avatars are?! I hope a good portion of those poor souls show up at your event. Good luck and thanks for a great service. Hey, with service like this your local Lions Club could use you (hint hint).

  7. Bob Lawrence
    Bob Lawrence says:

    Great idea! I may set up a similar deal here in the York / Hanover (PA) area. I’ll be in touch, and will certainly give you credit for the fantastic idea!


  8. Irina
    Irina says:

    Thank you Michael for this wonderful initiative. I have been unemployed since last October and am running out of optimism. Are you planning to do portraits in NYC? I am sure there would plenty of unemployed around here who would love to get a shot of encouragement. Thank YOU!

  9. MagickMichael
    MagickMichael says:


    I would love to do this in all the cities in the world! Unfortunately I need to eat too. find me a sponsor and you’re on!

    Other photographers have mentioned that they may be doing this type of event in the NY area (about 40 miles outside om Manhattan I think) so keep your eyes open!

  10. Eva Pastor
    Eva Pastor says:

    What a great idea! I’m unemployed, and a photography business wanna be outside of Philly. I don’t have the equipment to do portraits, so I’d be hard pressed to do this myself (I was thinking maybe in West Chester). But if you get any inkling that you’re going to have a huge turnout, I’d love to help you out in anyway I can.

    ~ Eva in Berwyn, PA

  11. Alan Hough
    Alan Hough says:

    What a great idea and contribution to society.
    Would you mind sharing your workflow and how you go about achieving this.
    eg. Are you providing prints or the digital file?

    thanks Alan
    Auckland NZ

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