Appearance! By me of all people!

I will be showing some of my work at the FRESH GROUND COFFEE HOUSE in Willow Grove PA this coming Friday evening July 24th from 8pm until Midnight! Fresh Ground was put together by a friend of mine in a wonderful little church in Willow Grove and they had their first one last month. I attended and the church wasn’t struck by lightning. Amazing!

You can get all the details on (just click here to check it out) but I can tell you that there will be live music from Bill Haney and Friends, fresh coffee, good people, conversation and you can see my work all for free! I like free, free is good. If you’re like me and thinking, “they are going to go all religious on me,” don’t worry. Last month the only time I heard the ‘G’ word was when someone stubbed their toe and that was followed by a word other than ‘bless’.

I look forward to seeing you there! Yes, you.

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So you’re here. Maybe its not Friday yet, maybe it has past and you came by and said hi. Leave a comment and tell everyone else what you think.

Happy Shooting!

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