One Handed Photoshop – Make The Image Pop!


You probably know already that ice is slippery, but did you know it’s sneaky too? It is when its black ice. It was hiding in my driveway last week and it took my feet right out from underneath me. I remember hearing a distinct snap too. Then I realized that snap was my wrist. So here I sit typing a blog post with one hand. The other is in a cast and itching like mad!

I was due to write my weekly post over the weekend but now I can only type so much and its less than half as much when using only one hand. So I got to thinking, what can I do one handed that I can put on my site? 1 Handed Photoshop Tutorials were born!

Below is the first in what I hope will only be a short series of tutorials that can be done quickly and easily, and with only one hand, in Photoshop. This first one is on how to use the High-Pass filter to make your images pop out at the viewer. Click the link to watch the video and take a look!

Before I sign off I want to put a special thank you out to the staff at Riddle Memorial Hospital in Media PA. They had me patched up and out the door in less than 90 minutes. They truly are Angels of Mercy!

Until next time, Happy Shooting!

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:


    The reason to desaturate first is that the colors get too sharp for my taste. The pinks get too pink and the colors just seem TOO vibrant, unrealistic. With desaturation you keep the tones smoother and there is less tweaking to do later.

    Both work, I just don’t like the look of the non-desaturated version. Its too over done for me.

  2. milton d.
    milton d. says:

    Greetings Mr. Albany. Sorry to hear about the wrist. I wish you a speedy recovery. As you’ve seen in this experiecne, good things sometimes emerge from what we consider “bad” situations. Take care…


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