One Handed Photoshop – Basic Retouching


Well, it’s Monday and I have another One Handed Photoshop Tutorial for you! I apologize for the length of time it takes to make these. The videos themselves only take a few minutes its the typing the blog post that takes time. I am typing one handed after all. Drat! Now its Tuesday!

Anyway, I got such a positive response from the first 1 Handed tutorial I just had to keep going. That and the fact that I will be one handed for at least 3 more weeks. This time I took the same image and removed a few distractions and cleaned up a little razor rash.

You can view the full tutorial right after you click the link!

As promised, here is the tutorial!

That was easy wasn’t it? Photoshop is actually an easy program to use once you just know all the tools that are available in it. I have been using it since version 4 and I still don’t know all it can do.

Next time we will look at completing this image of James with a few final touches. Until then,

Happy Shooting!

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  1. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    I’m quite proficient with PS but I always get something useful watching how other people use the same tools, great work, thanks Michael.

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