Happy Holidays – Free Gift (Really, It’s Free)


About 10 days ago I finally got around to sending out my holiday cards. A bit late but at least I got them out!  They were on time for those who celebrate Christmas and Yule, but they were a little overdue for those celebrating Hanukah. What can I say? Hanukah was early this year. I know, plan better.  If you celebrate one of the other winter holidays all I can say is Happy [insert appropriate holiday here]!



I wanted to send cards to everyone I know but I don’t have everyone’s mailing address! It seems that many who got the snail mail version of the card liked the image very much (yeah, the one above). I always want to give something to everyone. The problem with that is I am a photographer, not a millionaire. Details.


As a photographer, what can I give that everyone might like? Imagery of course! So I decided that I was going to give everyone that visits my site a chance to have a unique image for their desktop or mobile phone! I figured, why not offer up the image I was using for my holiday cards?


Below are links to 4 different sized copies of the image above that you can download to your computer or mobile phone and set as your desktop background. All you have to do to get the image is Click the appropriate link below and then Right Click on the image and select, “Save Image As” and save it to a folder on your computer or phone.


Wide Screen – For wide screen monitors (1680×1050 or smaller)
Standard Screen – For standard sized monitors (1280×1024 or smaller)
Mobile Phone Portrait – Size based on the iPhone in Portrait Mode
Mobile Phone Landscape – Size based on the iPhone in Landscape Mode


As there are literally thousands of mobile phones with almost as many screen resolutions I used the iPhone screen resolution as a standard. The only thing you need to know is do you want it in landscape or portrait!


This is my free gift to everyone this holiday season. I hope you enjoy it!  It’s not holiday specific, it’s just a nice wintery scene for all of you to enjoy.


Thank you all and Happy Holidays!

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  1. John
    John says:

    Thank you Michael, what a wonderful gesture..

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I wish for you a prosperous New Year – John

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