Babies to Beauties

I am a lucky guy. I get the opportunity to photograph many things and many people. In most jobs a person is given a task and the satisfaction of a job well done is often the only reward. If you are lucky and you enjoy your work the challenge is also a pleasure, a stressful one but a pleasure none the less.

I have a job where I get to enjoy the challenge, the satisfaction of a job well done, the results, and the joy of those I work for. And I get to do it for years to come; I often revisit images that I created years ago and still remember the joy of my clients.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of creating images for new parents (and an aunt) of a beautiful 8 month old baby. This little guy was amazing to work with too. He was a bit surprised by the flash of the lights and the clicking of the camera but he never was scared or upset. He mostly wanted to know why this guy with less hair than he had was pointing this big round thing that kept clicking at him. 

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[image title=”Nathan 1″ alt=”Nathan at 8 Months”][/image]
[image title=”Nathan 2″ alt=”Nathan at 8 months old”][/image]
[image title=”Nathan 3″ alt=”Nathan and Aunt Crystal”][/image]
[image title=”Nathan 4″ alt=”Nathan with Mommy and Daddy”][/image]

He was a good baby in many ways too. He would move towards the camera and try to grab the lens as you can see, but he was nice enough to not move so fast as to make it hard to focus on him. Of course being an 8 month old his attention was soon drawn away by his aunt and his Mommy and Daddy. After all they are the fascinating ones. They talk to him in his language and give him colorful toys to play with!

The joy of a happy baby is not the only advantage to my career. I also get to photograph wonderful buildings and structures like I talked about in my last two articles, “Urban Blight or Beauty” and “Blight or Beauty – Part 2.” On top of all that I have the chance to go out at sunset and create images of beautiful people in wonderful places like the Philadelphia Museum of Art!

Last night I had a portrait session with an aspiring model and we worked at sunset between Boathouse Row on the Schuylkill River and the Art Museum. We were blessed with a warm glowing sunset and a perfect summer breeze.



Grace is actually the daughter of a former client who I shot back in January. At that time we were creating images of Grace and her mom Libby. Those two were fun to shoot then and Grace is still a joy to work with 6 months later. When I say they were a joy to work with I’m not kidding, I wrote about it in the article “It’s Also About Having Fun.” Well, we had fun last evening too and the images turned out wonderfully.



So I think I have a pretty good career, from Babies to Beauties. Share on Pin these images with your friends and let me know what fun we can have together.

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