1 Handed Photoshop Part 3 – Edge Effects

Well, I am still in a cast and I am still doing everything one handed. The advantage I have over last week is moving my fingers is easier so i may be able to get this post typed in in less than a day! Check back at the end and see how I did.

This week I thought we would do some finishing touches on our image of James, popular guy that he is, I am getting tired of looking at him. So this week its Edge Effects! It seems that everyone wants to know how to do the best edge effect. Well that depends on a few things, the image, the look you want and how you wan the image to be seen. All depend on you!

Click the link to see the video

In this video I wanted to fit in a few different effects less than 10 minutes. I fit in 3 or 4 and gave direction on how to create many more. Check it out below.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks 1 handed tutorial. Next week may be our last in the 1 Handed series as I might get my cast off at the end of the week. After that, what do you want to see? Is there something you need to learn, something that you just want my view on or something you just can’t figure out? Let me know! Leave a comment and ask. I read them all!

Wow! I got this whole thing typed in just 8 hours! I am getting better.

Until next time…

Happy Shooting!