They Grow Up Fast – Senior Portrait Time!

Last week I had the pleasure of starting the Senior Portrait season that will run through December (in most cases). Seniors typically have their senior portraits done in the fall for the following spring’s yearbook but some seniors want more of a spring or summer feel to the portrait that defines them to their classmates. This is the image that many will see for the next 20, 30 or 40 years when they look back to this time in their lives, remembering the accomplishments of high school.

That is what it is about too, memories. The images remind us of the almost ecstatic feelings we have when school is almost over! Sure there is college for some but in college you get to be your own person, or at least you hope so. School, sure, but on your terms and your schedule. Well that is the plan anyway. Reality? Well, only time will tell. For now, you are a senior!

What a better way to start the last school year than knowing that when you graduate in spring the images that will be how your friends recognize you are not only done but done the way you want them. On top of that you have until January to decide which is going to be the one for the yearbook!

The images I did of Eilis below are just the beginning for her senior portrait series. We have at least two more photo shoots to do before we can even think of being finished. We have a couple of very special shoots planned that we know will make not just the experience of the shoot memorable but her entire last year in school. You will have to come back and read a future post to learn about those shots. I promised to keep it a secret, for now anyway.

But if you are the parent of a senior it is a time of mixed emotions. Your baby is growing up and soon will be leaving the nest but at the same time they are good smart young adults and you are proud of all they have accomplished so far. They do grow up fast don’t they?

Now you are looking at photographers deciding what styles you like, and what styles your senior likes too. You want to find a photographer that is going to get the images that they want but also the images that you want too. You want to memorialize this time in their lives. Add all that up and then you want to get the most bang for your buck.

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[fancy_images width=”250″ height=”250″]
[image title=”Eilis Senior Portrait 254″][/image]
[image title=”Eilis Senior Portrait 284″][/image]
[image title=”Eilis Senior Portrait 318″][/image]
[image title=”Eilis Senior Portrait 604″][/image]
[image title=”Eilis Senior Portrait 722″][/image]
[image title=”Eilis Senior Portrait 749″][/image]

I am trying something a little new for me this year that is going to make these special images that much better, at least for the parents. For every senior portrait session that is booked by October 31st, 2012 I am going to shoot a family portrait for free. Yep, free.

This is how it works: you schedule your senior’s portrait session by October 31st and then when we are done shooting we will bring the whole family into the picture and do a few family portraits too. This will help you not only remember this special time in their lives but this special time in your life too.


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