Magick Portraits II – I’m doing it again!

My next Magick Portraits event is going to be on National Coming Out Day. In Philadelphia, there is an event called Outfest 2009. You can get a map of the event and information on performers and more at I will be there doing portraits of couples, gay, straight or ‘other’!

In my continuing effort to ‘pay it forward I recently learned that Giovanni’s Room ( at 12th and Pine Streets is the oldest LGBT book store in the country, and they have a problem: printed books, magazines, newspapers etc. are all suffering because people feel that they can get the type of information supplied by them online rather than going to an actual book store. In some cases that is true. But in many cases it isn’t. Some of the books Giovanni’s handles are not available online or they are at least very hard to find. Because of this financial reality, when the owner learned he had a problem with an exterior wall he didn’t know how he was going to pay for the repairs. If he couldn’t fix it he might have to close the store and go out of business.

When people in the community learned about the problem with the wall they were understandably upset. No one wanted Giovanni’s Room to close so they banded together and decided to help any way they could. Many fund raising efforts have been launched. Everything from book signings to bake sales have either happened or are scheduled. I want to help too.

After consulting with the current owner, Ed Hermance, and his former business partner, Arleen Olshan, I have arranged to do portraits of anyone that would like one. After the portraits are taken prints will be available on my website at a tremendous discount. All proceeds will go to Giovanni’s Room and towards replacing the wall. Additionally, the best twelve portraits will be used to create a 2010 wall calendar, the sale of which will also benefit the wall project.

The calendar will also be available on my website so that those not in the Philadelphia area can help even without getting their portrait done. If you would like to donate and help save a national icon, go to or call them at (215) 923-2960 to learn how you can help.

You will find me under the big Magick Michael Photography sign at 12th & Pine Streets. This time I will not be setting appointments. Portraits will be done on a first come first serve basis. The event is taking place over a 5 city block area and there will be plenty to do before and after you have your picture taken. There will be food, music, poetry, games and I heard rumor of giant puppets but don’t hold me to that one.

Come out on October 11th and support the diversity of Philadelphia and your neighborhood too!

Until then,

Happy Shooting!

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  1. Mignon North
    Mignon North says:

    Hi Michael! I am so inspired by your giving back to the community using your talent, that I would like to arrange a Free Magick Business Portrait event here in my city. I have one question however: When you uploaded the business portraits into one gallery, then had clients just download their own copy, how were you able to prevent them from downloading another clients portraits?

    I use Nextproof, and am thinking that to make individual registered galleries, then upload all of the portraits into each gallery will take a horrendous amount of time. Do you use a different proofing site?

    Thanks Michael! I appreciate your response.

    Mignon North
    Mignon North Imagery

  2. Mignon North
    Mignon North says:

    Hi Michael – further to my last comment…

    Have you had any feedback from your clients as to how they used the business portraits you provided them in finding employment?


  3. MagickMichael
    MagickMichael says:

    I wanted to let you know that I uploaded all the images to the same gallery but I did two things to negate the risk of people downloading other peoples images.

    1. I counseled each person as I photographed them. That was probably the best thing to do.
    2. I wrote it into the model release that they were aware of their image being available to those that were shot that day. Only those who were photographed would have access to that gallery. Some would be used in a public gallery, but those images would not be downloadable.

    As for hearing back, so far I know of 3 people finding positions, 12 more got interviews and I haven’t yet heard back from the rest. Almost all used them for Facebook and LinkedIn.

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