Independence Day

I am sure that many of you have tried to take pictures of fireworks to capture those “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s” we experience when we watch the colorful displays high in the sky. Chances are that you didn’t just capture the fireworks either. Your friends and/or family were there and you probably popped off a few of them too.

So what is a pro photographer doing talking about your images of your holiday celebration? Chances are you’re not going to hire a pro to shoot the fireworks. Well this is going to be a very busy holiday for many people and the fireworks are not just going to be in the sky.


I know that in an election year many of our local, state and national politicians are most likely going to be taking this patriotic occasion to get their point of view out there to all of us. No matter which side you take in the political debates you can pretty much guarantee that there is going to be some news happening. If you didn’t know, I shoot photo-journalistically too.


I live in Philadelphia and on the celebration of this country’s independence there is almost always something going on here. This year I have heard that the Occupy movement is going to have a “National Gathering” here to plan their future and their next steps. That most likely means that there will be some type of Tea Party demonstration too, or some type of opposing opinion at least. That should keep me busy and I wonder if I will even have a chance to point my camera up!


Needless to say it is going to be an interesting week that should keep us all busy and thinking. No matter what you are doing to celebrate this coming week, be sure to drink lots of water, don’t stand in front of that hot grill too long, and remember: on July 4th just after dark point that camera up!  (P.S. – Use a tripod for best results too.)