I Shot a Man in Reno (or Philly)


I shoot them. I put them up against a wall, or just if they are standing in the middle of the sidewalk it doesn’t matter, I walk up and POP! I shoot them. Most times they never see it coming, they may never know what is about to happen. I think it’s better to surprise them. No time to worry or think about it, no time to worry, just a quick well aimed shot, done.


Often though they are the ones hiring me to do it; they want to know the person that will do it. I still try to surprise them though; I want them to be relaxed and not expecting it when it’s coming. Perhaps they are smiling, thinking nothing is going to happen, at least not yet. The surprise almost always makes it enjoyable, at least for me. The shock, the sudden flash when I pop one off at them, I love that surprise. It helps me remember the emotions they have at that last moment before…


That moment is what I remember, that moment when I know I’ve got them. It makes my life so enjoyable and I remember each one and the look on their faces just as I do it. All of the sudden they see it go off and they hear the click then see that flash, perfect. God I love what I do!


I am a photographer.


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