Even More NY Adventures!

As I mentioned in my last article “OMG What a Month” I was also in NY last month working on a calendar project for a non-profit. I said I would write about it when the calendar came out. Well, it’s out and you can order your copy here; The Calendar Project!


Hollywood Stars!

There were a number of us involved in the project, 3 photographers, two art directors, many assistants and 20 or so models. It was a large project and we all think it came out really well. I wasn’t the only photographer on the project but as it turned out I did end up getting 6 images into the calendar, only two of which are posted here. In addition to having my images in the final calendar I also did the editing for all the images and I hope I did well by all the photographers.

This was a huge project for the small amount of time it took to go from concept to an actually printed piece. The efforts of the crew and everyone involved is what made it happen. Everyone volunteered for this and no one is getting paid in any way which makes it even more amazing. Even scheduling was a huge task due to everyone having their regular schedules to deal with and everyone made amazing sacrifices to pull it all together. As the only full time professional involved I think I had it easiest as my schedule is made up of this kind of thing all the time.



Everyone is hoping to get all the calendars sold by December 1st and they are about 50% sold now. This is a very limited printing and if you want a copy, you better hurry! You don’t want to miss this pinup inspired calendar. All the images are different but all have a retro feel. Some of the images are titled;

The Greaser
Singing in the Rain
Champagne Toast
The Rosie Riveters

Again, to get yours go to The Calendar Project and order now before they are gone!


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