Endless Possibilities

I can’t believe that it was a month ago today that I posted about the three women that “(We)All Have a Star Inside,” It seems like yesterday and at the same time it seems like forever. In that post I mentioned the masters and their approach to photography. I love studying and attempting to recreate those old, classic styles but I also like the things you can do with images today. I have so many more tools than the masters had but one thing that we have in common is mastering the light.

Light is the constant whether it is light we control or light we wait for. The day I shot the three ‘stars’ I was manipulating the light and I was the one in control. To be honest the reason was because I was actually testing, and getting comfortable with a piece of equipment that I needed for a shoot that would take place over the next couple of days. The difference was that at this second shoot I didn’t have control over the light. Mother Nature was in control and I had to know this new camera, a Hasselblad HD4, really, really well.

The masters never had the benefit of a this type of medium format camera and most often they shot with what is called a large format camera: the kind with the hood and giant film plates you see in old movies. They certainly didn’t have the advantages of digital cameras, and they had only a limited amount of things that they can actually print their images on.

Today we can get our images printed on so many different types of materials that the possibilities of what we can do with these images is nearly endless. The goal of the project I was working on was to print images large and realistic enough to almost feel like you could walk right into them. In fact, two of the images I delivered were for exactly that: to walk into… into an elevator that is.

The images are being applied to elevator doors at the corporate headquarters of Aimco in Denver, CO to show a few of their locations throughout the country. What better opportunity show their properties than while someone is waiting for the elevator! Here are couple of the images I created for them.


The Sterling – Philadelphia PA


Riverloft Lobby – Philadelphia PA

If I do say so myself the whole concept came together rather well and the end result is now on the elevator doors in Aimco’s corporate offices in Denver Colorado. The image below was sent to me by Holly Schnitzler shortly after the installation. Thank you Holly!


Riverloft Lobby on Elevator Doors in Denver

This was a great and unique approach to showing off the properties to visitors and it allows everyone to remember that what they do every day doesn’t end at their office but reaches out to other cities all over the country.


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