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Back to School?


First let me apologize to anyone who tried to visit the site on Monday. My server crashed and it crashed hard. I didn’t lose much data, only a day’s worth or so but it did bring down the site for over 12 hours. If you tried to post on the blog or contact me, please try again, everything seems to be working now but I may have missed your question or comment. A situation like that shows you how much, and how little, you really know!



Overall though I did OK, maybe that is because late last week I went back to school. Sudlersville Middle School in Maryland to be exact. One of my clients, Nason Construction, just finished a new LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), AKA green school and needed some images to show the completed project.  With the wonderful natural light from windows that span from floor to ceiling, a huge stage that can play to the cafeteria or the gymnasium, the Sudlersville Thunderbirds have a new school they can be proud of. Seeing that the school was just completed Friday and the students started attending classes on Monday, I am sure the students were a bit overwhelmed.



Overwhelmed isn’t probably the best term when you are talking about going back to school in May but these kids do have a school to be proud of. Computers in every room and computer labs that probably would have saved me from the server crashing, are enough to make an old guy like me jealous!  Heck, in my day we weren’t allowed calculators in school, now they have tech labs bigger than my science labs!

No matter how you look at it, that school is impressive. All I can say is Go Thunderbirds!

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  1. Lorraine Castle
    Lorraine Castle says:

    Michael, your photos are stunning and take my breath away! I love the way you use light. It reminds me of the artistry of Kinkaid or Monet – two of my favs.

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