What a day to be “Out!”

Philadelphia Outfest was one heck of a day! Everyone was “Out.” Gay, Straight or Bi, it was one diverse crowd. Many were there to support their brothers, sisters, parents or friends but all were there to celebrate the diversity of the city of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love!

Love is what the whole day was about. Love whomever, but love them for who they are. We saw mothers supporting their sons and families with same sex parents; brothers and sisters holding hands and hugging each other in celebrations of acceptance. Everyone was supporting everyone else. It was such a day of community…

To read the whole story and get a link to the pictures, click the link!

Vendors from all over the area were out to show their support as well. Giovanni’s Room had many authors there to sign books and they raised a little bit of money for the oldest LGBT book store in the nation. They can use more though. The wall that was collapsing has been repaired but now it needs to be paid for.

Giovanni’s Room is the oldest LGBT bookstore in our country and they barely make the mortgage every month. Some months they don’t even do that. But they have kept the doors open for over 30 years now to support the LGBT community. Now it’s time for us to help them. You can go to www.queerbooks.com and make a donation or buy that book you have always wanted.

If you want to help support the store in another way take a look at the happy faces from Outfest and vote on which ones you like best. You can find them at www.magickmichael.com and just click on the PhillyOutfest2009 gallery. Vote on your favorite images. The 12 voted on the most will be selected for a 2010 calendar. In order for us to have the calendar available for the holidays, you need to vote by midnight on October 31st!

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Until next time, Happy Shooting!