What is the value of priceless? Priceless is exactly that, having no price. Those things that we value beyond the ability to place a price on them. Memories are priceless.

Now you are saying, “Oh boy, here he goes again down the memories trail.” Before you stop reading I want to think for a moment, if you were to lose someone close to you what are you left with? Sure you may have some of their stuff, a sweater they gave you or a picture of them, something that sparks a memory. You will have that, if you’re lucky.

It has been a while since I posted an article and the reason for that is I recently lost my mother and I just couldn’t write. She died very suddenly while still very active, increasingly active actually. There was no warning, no illness, no sign that Mother’s Day would be the last time I would ever see her. She just got up one morning and sat in her favorite chair, leaned back and that was it, gone.

As the old saying goes, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes,” and so it was true with me. The photographer has few images he took of his Mother. In fact my mother hated being in front of the camera and I was rarely able to get an image of her. Since I got my first camera 44 years ago I have less than 25 images I ever took of my mom, and I have hundreds of thousands of images!

I did get lucky in that these aren’t the only images of my mother that I have. As I stated above she was getting increasingly active and she and her friends put together a little dance number called “Lima Grannies Walkers” and this past April I had the chance to capture it on video.


When my mother passed away I wanted to put together a slideshow of images of her throughout her life and I thought it would be easy to gather enough images to put it together. Not so much. As I said my mother hated having her picture taken so there were very few images to choose from. I was able to put together a short video slideshow from the few images I had. In the video below only one is one I took of her; the one of my sister, myself and my mother was taken by my wife. It is the first time in my life that I am grateful for cell phone cameras. Watch and see why.


So, yes I went down the road of memories again. I will tell you right now that nothing is as valuable to me as the memories of my mom. She was… well, she was my mom. That is what makes all these images Priceless.


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