Picking the Trash – 1 Handed Photoshop


First let me apologize for the lateness of my post. I spent last week reformatting and reloading my computer. And before anyone says I should use a Mac, A) I don’t like them and B) I chose to do the reformat, it wasn’t a crash. Every once in a while it helps to clean house and take out the garbage. That leads me to this weeks One Handed Photoshop tutorial.

Trash, garbage, crap. What makes an image any of these things? Do you delete or throw out “bad” images? If you do, STOP! If you don’t, its time to take a look at them again. I have always believed that all the images I take have some value, some how. I keep them all. I have over 40,000 on just one hard drive. That doesn’t include the hundreds of CDs and DVDs I have backups on or any of the negatives in that huge filing cabinet behind me.

Click the link to see what you can do with all that trash.

While I was waiting for programs to load and Lightroom databases to repopulate I got to thinking about some images that may look better now that new technologies are available. Can any of those be picked out of the trash yet? If i want to do an HDR did I bracket that last pile of crap I brought home last summer? With Photomatix and tonemapping, do I even need a minimum of 3 exposures?



Just so you have a list of the tools used in the above tutorial, they are Adobe Lightroom2, Adobe Photoshop CS4, HDRSoft’s Photomatix, and Imagenomic’s Noiseware.

So pick up those new tools and take a look at your old images. You never know what you might find if you go ‘picking the trash’!

Until next time…

Happy Shooting!