To all my readers and followers, I owe you. You see before May of 2014 I was posting on this blog pretty regularly. From May through December I was strangely quiet; as many of you know that in and of itself is very strange. I am rarely quiet. You read this blog to see images though, not hear me ramble.

I still owe you though. To that I am going to offer a 10% discount to anyone that books an photo shoot before January 31st! The shoot must be scheduled for no later than 2/14, is not combined with any other offer, etc. It is however a great excuse to get those shots for your honey for Valentines Day!

If you like that idea, take a look at to see what I mean. Or just check out this shoot from October. “Kittens and Corsets!” The kittens were’t all that cooperative so it was a bit more corsets but I think you will like the images. Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein is one of my favorite models!

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