Alternative To The iPad?


I have been debating the iPad for 6 months but I wanted to hold out for a non-Apple tablet PC. It isn’t that I am anti Apple, I just feel that their products are overpriced in many cases. In the desktop and laptop area you can get a PC with the exact same hardware for half the expense. As a friend of mine once put it, “But you are getting the Mac experience.” Personally, I don’t need an experience. I need to get work done and I am a cheap bastard.


I spent many of those months reading and studying all the tablets that were supposed to come out this year. Everything I read sent me back to the iPad. It was by far the best, and only, tablet available. I was going to buck up and pay the bucks for an iPad. Then by chance I was at the local Office Depot getting supplies and I asked, what is coming out? What to my surprise did they have? The new Viewsonic G-tablet.
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