This Year’s Award Winner Is…

Didn’t even know there was a contest did you? Yeah, no one did. That is what makes it special! By not knowing, no one was able to cheat! There is a winner though and that winner is

Aimco Apartment Homes!


Aimco is the proud winner of the Michael Albany Photography Client of the Year Award. This award is given to the client that meets the following criteria.

  • Has an  annual spend of $1000 or more
  • Contracted for a minimum of 2 photoshoots in the calendar year
  • Has included diversity in their photography needs

Aimco Apartment Homes owns and operates some of the most stylish and comfortable apartment homes in the country, not just Philadelphia. The Sterling, Chestnut Hall, Riverloft and Park Towne are just a few of the apartment buildings they own and manage nationwide. Currently the opening image on this site is of the Riverloft at 23rd and Walnut St. Other images of their properties, events, portraits, street photography, and cityscapes that you see here were requested by Lauren Ware of the Interactive Marketing department.

Help me in congratulating Lauren and all of Aimco on their award. Take a look at the galleries on my site and see if you can pick out which ones are images I shot for Aimco.

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Photographing a Story

In my last post Endless Possibilities, I showed how photography can be used in unique ways to market your message. The images were used to market the buildings and architecture for Aimco Apartment Communities. But how do you tell a story with images?

Stories have at least four parts: a beginning or introduction, the middle or the ‘story’, the climax when it all comes together, and the end, the wrap up. The ending can even be the climax if you want to leave the reader hanging and wanting more. Advertising is like a story without the end; you want to leave your customer to want more. If the story is a good one then the customer will then contact you about the ‘more.’

Another company that I work with is How Properties and they also develop apartment communities. However, rather than build apartment building from the ground up they renovate existing buildings in the Philadelphia area and turn them into beautiful modern apartments that people yearn to live in. These buildings have history and they have had at least one story told in them from beginning to end. How Properties gives them new life and starts a new story.

So How (pun intended) to tell that story? After all this is more a sequel than a new novel. First you have to know the history and you need to convey that to the reader, or in this case the renter. The chances are that a true documentation of the old building isn’t very complete but enough is known to portray the buildings first (or second) life. That is when the new story begins and that is where I come in.


1226 Mt. Vernon – Office

The images here are images of a building in Philadelphia that was once a trolley repair/assembly station. It was then converted into a body shop for cars and trucks. The building’s future is to be rental homes.


1226 Mt. Vernon – “Main Street”

In the center there will be a main “street” or common access space that leads to the multi-level interior apartments. This is planned to be the hub of the building and create a mini community in and of itself.


1226 Mt. Vernon – Exterior

Here we have laid the ground work for our story of this building. What will it look like? This story has just begun; you will have to come back after I photograph the finished project to see what happens. After all, it is a mystery.


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